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I have had a passion for textiles all of my life. Investing myself in a textile design course at Melbourne University was a labour of love. Designing and manufacturing garments for major labels was a dream come true. Living in places throughout Asia and the Middle East, where I met artisans making bespoke threads and fabrics, was an opportunity that inspired my creativity and made me feel truly blessed.

While my passion for textiles blossomed further each passing year, it seems the tapestry of retailers around the world serving enthusiasts and hobbyists alike was shrinking. Upon my return to Australia a year ago, I was saddened to find many of my favourite craft shops had closed, unable to sell a volume sufficient to cover costs.

I could no longer find the materials to feed my many textile projects. I could not find the experts I needed, with the decades of experience I expected, to discuss the project on which I was about to embark. Or to find solutions to the creative challenges I faced. Finding creative inspiration was getting harder and harder, and, more and more, I found myself peeling through beautiful, intricate, vintage masterpieces in thrift shops to discover long-hidden treasures. Celebrating my creative triumphs was becoming a singular affair.

Then a new type of inspiration hit me, and Cross and Stitch was born. Thirty years in the making!

Cross and Stitch started as a nom de plume on Instagram, my anonymous outlet for my love of textiles. Slowly, as more people clicked ‘follow,’ a community began to grow around this shared passion, and I believed I could curate a selection of threads, patterns, and tools that we all sought, but agreed was increasingly challenging to find.

Now, combining technology with a centuries-old craft, our warehouse in Singapore enables us to aggregate products from all over the world, the majority of which are from Turkey, China, the USA, and Australia. This base that I have established ensures that I can cost-effectively serve customers in Australia and New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.

Thank you so much for your support in bringing Cross and Stitch to life. Please continue to share your inspirations and creations with me, and I will add them to my Instagram.

If there are products or brands you seek and cannot find, please contact me, and I will see if we can add them to our range.

Let’s make this the year of expanding the Cross and Stitch community and sharing our love for design, textiles, and craft!

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