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Teaching your child to cross stitch.

Learning new skills as an adult with a busy schedule can be tough. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate basic life skills into everyday fun with your children. This helps them grow up to be confident and helpful adults with well rounded interests.

If you’re currently looking for some quiet time activities for your little one, cross stitch can be a great start! Not only will they learn hand-eye coordination and be able to find pleasure in something they’ve created, they’ll be able to transfer those skills in the future.

As children get older, they start to put a lot of emphasis on how they dress. Instead of being a slave to trends, you can teach your child to scour thrift shops for something unique that shows off their personality. So many items get looked over because of a minor rip or tear, but with some experience with basic stitches, they’ll be able to take home and wear a beautiful, striking item with pride.

You can also teach your child to mend items they already own. How many times have you helped a friend with a treasured clothing piece or beautiful home accent, only to have them say they envy your skills?

In addition to the practical elements of cross stitch, sewing is a tranquil activity that can be nice for an overstimulated child. If you reduce the screen time in favor of something quiet like a hand made project, they may be upset at first; But eventually they’ll be grateful to slow down and collect their thoughts while they create something they can be proud of.

Teach your child to have every bit of extra know-how you can. You may think they aren’t interested in crafty activities, but cross stitch is so versatile. Try showing them a project they’ll be interested in, like creating an image of an animal or character they love.

If you’re looking for ideas to spark your child’s curiosity, do not hesitate to email me.

Once you have a project in mind, you can start “training” with basic stitches knowing you will eventually use them to create something memorable.

Happy Stitching, and as usual if you have an image of something you’ve created, I’d love to see it!

Keep  Stitchin’,




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