Crafty Community Projects

Crafty Community Projects

Have you ever been called a “homebody”? A lot of people think of cross stitch and other crafty projects as indoor activities. True, a quiet night on the couch with your latest creation can be very nice, but I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and love to be outside.

I am outdoorsy and adventurous in my own way, I just like my life to be a little simpler than some. It’s always such a pleasure to meet others who move with me at my pace.

When you take the time to look around, there’s so much to see. I love the idea of finding an old forgotten bench and sprucing it up with a cross stitch covering. It’s a striking way to breathe new life into something that has weathered many a storm!

There are probably other cross stitch fans in your neighborhood, why not join some online groups or put up signs in local businesses? I love the idea of a community coming together to beautify a local park- A way for people to bond over a mutual passion and share something unforgettable with all who pass by.

It’s such a joy to share your quiet, solitary activity with others once in a while. Your enthusiasm for cross stitching can be just as social as a dance class or sports team, you just need to connect with the right people. It may seem daunting at first, but I bet if you go for a few neighborhood walks, you can find some inspiration for an exciting community project. After that, it’s just about getting the word out!

Weaving, stitching, knitting or cross stitching creations into the beautiful nature all around you will not only turn your neighborhood into a fantasy land, it will encourage conversation among your community. Maybe you’ll influence someone to slow down and admire your handiwork.

Best of all, adding a little cross stitch project to your local trees and park benches is completely harmless. Beautification doesn’t always mean destruction, after all.

Take a moment right now and close your eyes. When’s the next time you can go for a walk through the park, and where are some good spots for your next project?

If you do get some people together to perform a little cross stitch and needlepoint  makeover, please do send me some photos! I love to see your creativity and be inspired by it.

Keep Stitchen’

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