Going Back in Time – A Loving Tribute to Traditional Cross Stitch Sampler

Going Back in Time – A Loving Tribute to Traditional Cross Stitch Sampler

Is there anything more charming than a cross stitch sampler kit? To me, they immediately bring back childhood memories. It’s likely you knew someone who had one of these hanging up in their home. Lately I’ve found myself fascinated with traditional cross stitch sampler kits. They often depict such sweet imagery, from florals to farmlands, to the eternal “home sweet home.”

A cross stitch sampler kit is a pleasing arrangement of small images or letters that, together, create a lovely picture. A sampler kit could be any number of things,

because the style is so versatile. Artists are continually updating the medium and coming up with new ways to showcase their talent. I’ve even seen some amazing artwork inspired by podcasts and television shows! It’s so nice to see that old fashioned hobbies have found a place in the digital world.

There is so much creativity in the cross stitch community, and I love to see the ways people are keeping cross stitch modern and relevant. But I think the best designs are based on the history of cross stitch. After all, to break the rules you have to learn them first! When I’m looking for inspiration, sometimes the most effective thing is to take a look back in time.

Sampler kits originated as projects for young women who were working on their  needlepoint skills. As they moved along with the project, their work would become finer and more detailed. The end result was tangible proof of their progress- a rewarding image to be sure. Is there someone in your life who might need some time to slow down and focus on a rewarding activity? This could be a beautiful way to introduce your favorite craft to someone you love.

It’s so exciting for a beginner to complete one small image at a time, because you don’t have to wait until the end to see the images take shape.

Each little picture is it’s own rewarding project.

Alternatively-Why not take on a sampler kit yourself? I love going back to traditional projects, and even the most skilled hand can use some practice. You may surprise yourself when you compare the last frame of your sampler with the first.

We have many beautiful sampler kits to choose from, each lovingly curated by myself and my team. I would absolutely love to see the end results of your project, or answer any questions you may have.

On a special note,  the image to the right  is a traditional wedding sampler, created and embroidered by Patricia Nattrass, presented  to Caroline Louise O’Shea and  Gary Robert Nattrass on  the day of their marriage. The design was adapted from a Christmas card sent in 1990 from Australia by Denise O’Shea ( my beloved aunty ) mother of the bride. Patricia, North American, adapted and designed  Australian and North American symbols of flora and fauna. Magnificently stitched and presented, and did I mention she won  several awards ? What a treasure.

Happy Stitchen’


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