Heart Symbols

Heart Symbols

You probably encounter heart symbols more than 100 times a day without really realizing it. Every time you double tap a photo on Instagram, “like” a tweet, or want to show gratitude for a Facebook post- a perfect little heart flashes before your eyes.

It’s easy to send someone a heart, but when was the last time you really thought about what it stands for? The popularity of the symbol isn’t new, drawings and carvings of hearts have been traced back to 3000 BC. Originally the shape was meant to depict a fig leaf, but over time we came to accept it as a token of affection, and a representation for our “seat of love” as some people have called it.

I am passionate about infusing my cross stitch and embroidery projects with personal meaning. You’ve probably sent a few hearts online today, or maybe even doodled the shape onto a birthday card. But I encourage you to slow down, think of someone special, and make this cross stitch project a ritual. I like to use every stitch as an opportunity to instill my project with a wish or a memory for the person I’m thinking of.

This ruby red cross stitch project would make a beautiful gift for a new baby, a cherished family member, or perhaps even a memorial piece for someone you’ve lost but not forgotten.

Who do you share your heart with? I’d love to see a photo of them with your next cross stitch project. As usual, if you need any help or extra inspiration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keep  Stitchin’,




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