My Light Bulb Moment

My Light Bulb Moment

We’ve come such a long way with technology in such a short amount of time. Around 140 years ago, the most exciting invention on the market was a lightbulb. Now, we can control our entire lives from the palm of our hand. It’s something people talk about casually all the time, but I’ve started to really think about the gizmos and gadgets in my life and the effect they have on my day to day.

On one hand, it’s easy to see why people are so preoccupied with their tablets and phones, myself included! They can make life so much easier.

But at times I get worn out by the downsides of technology, like I’m carrying all the events of the world in my pocket. It’s a lot of pressure to say the least!

Have you heard the phrase “light bulb moment,” or even “bright idea?” The reason that phrase exists is because every time your brain arrives at a conclusion, it literally lights up!

Now, think about how many decisions technology allows you to make per day, per hour, and even per minute. There must be a lightning storm in our heads sometimes.

I started to realize how important it is to give ourselves breaks when we can, and this cross stitch project was exactly that for me.

You don’t have to break out your phone anytime you’re sitting in a café, waiting on a client, or picking the kids up from school. Why not challenge yourself to leave the tablet tucked away and work on a cross stitch project instead?

Single-tasking is proven to reduce stress, so let yourself get lost in something that will double as a new piece of home decor, or a thoughtful gift for your next occasion.

We’ve made it easy for you. Purchase a cross stitch kit to tuck in your bag, backpack or briefcase and let the fun begin.

So, does stitching sound like your next bright idea? I hope I’ve inspired a light bulb moment for you.

Keep  Stitchin’,



My  Cross Stitch lightbulb

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