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18ct Canvas Size: 33x30cm Picture size: 29x26cm
14ct Canvas Size: 46x42cm Picture size: 38x33cm
11ct Canvas Size: 59x53cm Picture size: 48x42cm


  • Counted or printed canvas x1
  • Cotton thread x 1set (30% more than necessary)
  • Needle x2
  • paper blueprint x1set (For very simple picture, paper blueprint is not included for printed canvas version)

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FAQ: 1. What is printed canvas? “unprint” is blank canvas,
“print” is printed canvas. Pattern was pre printed on canvas, to help identify different color thread, it can be washed off after finish the whole picture. It makes cross stitch much much easier and faster, recommend!!! 2. What is included in cross stitch kit? Include: Canvas, enough thread, needle, paper blueprint(Some simple picture may not have paper blueprint) 3. How many threads should I use to sewing? The thread on paper pad should be divided to 6 stands, 14ct or 18ct canvas, 2 stands for full stitch and half stitch, 1 stand for back stitch; 11ct canvas, 3 stands for full stitch and half stitch, 2 stand for back stitch; 4. What is half stitch? Half stitch is half cross, full stitch is full stitch. 5. What is mixed stitch? Mixed stitch needs 2 color threads together, help the color change more naturally. For 11ct canvas, sewing with 1 stand of a color and 2 stands of the other color. You can decide which is 1 and which is 2. It doesn’t matter. 6. What’s “silk” thread? Cotton thread is normal version, easy for stitch. Silk thread is a new product, it is made from cotton, not real silk. It is more smooth, brilliant and beautiful, but difficult to stitch. 7. What’s 3D? Full stitch is normal version, means all the grids on the picture need cross stitch. All the printed patterns will be washed off with water. It usually takes a long time needlework. 3D/5D is new version, means the background is printed on the canvas and cannot be washed off. We only need to stitch the main part. It is easier and faster than full stitch 8. What is “ct”?
“ct” is grid quantity in one inch. For example, 11ct means 11 grids in one inch, 18ct means 18 grids in one inch. So compared with 11ct, 18ct grid is much smaller, finished picture size will be smaller, pattern looks more delicate and beautiful, and also difficult to embroider.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 cm


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100% Cotton



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