Bright White Daisy in Blue Vase – 14ct Aida Counted Cross Stitch

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Bright White Daisy CRoss Stitch, Simple and Elegant Design.

14ct Canvas Size: 30x36cm Picture size: 22 x 29 cm



  • Counted 14 ct Aida cloth c x1
  • Cotton thread x 1set (30% more than necessary)
  • Needle x 2
  • Printed PDF  x 1 set


What is included in cross stitch kit? 

Each of our cross stitch kits includes a canvas, the amount of thread you’ll need for the project, and a needle. Kits for more involved projects also include a paper blueprint.

How many threads should I use to sew? 

Your thread should be divided into 6 strands on its paper pad. For 14ct or 18ct canvases, use 2 strands for a full and half stitch, and 1 for your backstitch.

On an 11ct canvas, use 3 strands for full and half stitches, with 2 for back stitches.

What is half stitch? 

A full stitch creates an “X” shape, while a half stitch is one diagonal line.

What is “ct”?

“Ct” refers to the number of grids per inch of canvas. So as you can imagine, an 18ct project will be smaller and more delicate looking than an 11ct project. That said, it will be a trickier project to finish, and may take a long time. 18ct projects are best for those who know their way around cross stitch, or have a lot of time to devote to it.



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