Kitchen  Still life, lime tones, Cross Stitch 11CT

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 Kitchen  Still life, lime tones, Cross Stitch 11CT – always in stock

Package includes all the Basic tool Accessories: Aida fabric, colourful threads, Embroidery Needles, drawing Instruction, size 52cm x 43 cm 20.4 x 16.9 inch


  1. What is printed canvas? 

A printed canvas is your road map. It’s excellent for beginners, with complex patterns, or when you want to finish a project quickly. Rather than an “unprint” canvas, which will be blank until you start your project, a printed canvas has your desired pattern pre-printed onto it. This not only helps you see how far along you are with your project, it also keeps you on track with using the right colours. The print on the canvas washes off when your project is complete, so all that’s left to do is admire your work!

  1. What is included in cross stitch kit? 

Each of our cross stitch kits includes a canvas, the amount of thread you’ll need for the project, and a needle. Kits for more involved projects also include a paper blueprint.

  1. How many threads should I use to sew? 

Your thread should be divided into 6 strands on its paper pad. For 14ct or 18ct canvases, use 2 strands for a full and half stitch, and 1 for your backstitch.

On an 11ct canvas, use 3 strands for full and half stitches, with 2 for back stitches.

  1. What is half stitch? 

A full stitch creates an “X” shape, while a half stitch is one diagonal line.

  1. What is “ct”?

“Ct” refers to the number of grids per inch of canvas. So as you can imagine, an 18ct project will be smaller and more delicate looking than an 11ct project. That said, it will be a trickier project to finish, and may take a long time. 18ct projects are best for those who know their way around cross stitch, or have a lot of time to devote to it.

  1. What is mixed stitch? 

A mixed stitch blends 2 colors of thread together, to help colours transition more naturally within your piece. For an 11ct canvas, choose 2 threads of 1 colour, and 1 thread of your other colour- it’s up to you which is which.

  1. What is “silk” thread? 

Cotton thread is traditional to the artform and easy to work with. Silk thread is new to cross stitch. It is made from cotton but has a smooth, brilliant finish. Though silk thread is beautiful, it’s more difficult to work with- so not recommended for beginners.

  1. What is a 3D cross stitch?

Traditionally, all the art on a cross stitch project comes from the cross stitching itself- any printed patterns are washed off after the fact. 3D, also known as 5D patterns have a printed background image on the canvas that is meant to stay on. There are cross stitch elements to the project, but the print and cross stitch work together to create a final image. This is a nice effect and less time consuming than traditional cross stitch projects.


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