Stop and Smell the Daisys

Stop and Smell the Daisys

You ever wish you could take the beauty of a summer day home with you? Flowers are a perfect match for a cross stitch project, and they last forever! Great for those of us who enjoy the company of flowers, but don’t necessarily have a green thumb.

There’s something so classic about a floral pattern, and natural beauty never goes out of style. This week I’m letting summer plant life inspire my next cross stitch project. Where is your favourite place to take in the beauty of nature?

Each year, my family and I spend part of our year in Colorado, USA. No matter how many times we visit, I’m always taken aback by the grandeur and majesty of the Rocky Mountains. If you find yourself in the area, you owe it to yourself to visit the Alpine Betty Ford Gardens in Vail. There, you will find the most breathtaking blooms in the highest elevation garden in the world! It’s truly an experience like no other.

My camera is full of the photos I take while I’m there. It’s so uplifting to go through each photo and visualize my next cross stitch.

You may not have the time to visit the Rocky Mountains this year, but I bet your city has a gorgeous botanical garden. When was the last time you stopped and smelled the flowers? It’s not just a figure of speech! It’s a great way to slow down and nurture the artist within.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’d love to help you pick a pattern. Send me a picture of your favourite flower, and we’ll choose something charming together.
Happy Stitchen’


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